No. 376 Espoir Zekoula (Burkina Faso) – Garden wells and vegetables

The project „Gardening project for the profit of women from Sig-Noghin“ comes as the next step after a 2012 project which aimed to sustainably increase the incomes for 40 women farmers during the Sig-Noghin dry season and to define and develop land for market gardening. After its completion, a set of problems were found, for instance, the low number of involved women, the lack of garden wells, the lack of women’s knowledge in conservation and processing of vegetables etc.
In order to provide a solution to these problems, the Association Espoir ZEKOULA developed a new project that will take place over a period of 6 months and will involve 40 women. The project aims to create a sustainable source of income for women through a market garden area and to increase their income by 60%. As part of the project, the perimeter of the garden area will be expanded so that 40 women instead of 30 can benefit from the production. The women will be further trained in vegetable and fruit drying and conservation, so that they can avoid poor sales. They will also be trained in savings and investment, market research and sales negotiation techniques.

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