No. 377 IPTK (Bolivia) – Textiles and bread

Together with our partner, Instituto Politecnico Tomas Katari (IPTK), we are running a 12 months project „Strengthening the productive and organizational network of rural and migrant women from the Sucre Municipality“ that is located in the rural districts 6 and 7 of the Municipality of Sucre, with more than 18,000 inhabitants who mostly live in extreme poverty. This situation causes a serious deterioration of human resources, especially for the most vulnerable part of the population, such as children under 5, pregnant women etc. The quality and quantity of their food does not cover the recommended minimum requirements, which makes most of the population aged 18 to 50 years migrate in search of better opportunities to various cities where they likewise live in very poor conditions.
The project aims to strengthen the production and organization of rural and migrant women and migrants and thus contribute to the reduction of poverty, gender inequality and exclusion of peasant families in rural areas of the municipality of Sucre.
The beneficiaries of the project are 146 women that belong to 10 economic organisations from 24 rural communities from Sucre. They will be trained to improve and strengthen their technical skills in small-scale handicraft production and to manage their economic activities. This will result in higher incomes for the support of their families, better food and higher life conditions. The women will also be trained to actively participate in the socio-political life of the municipality, the department and the country.

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