No. 381 ACUDESBAL (El Salvador) – Vegetables, sheep and mill

The 6 months project „Upgrading the collective action of women in production in order to contribute to a healthy diet, through the implementation of home gardens, pigs and poultry production for women of the Bajo Lempa, Jiquilisco“, which is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the ACUDESBAL Association from El Salvador, has begun with a process of socialization with the beneficiaries of the project, during which the women presented their project objectives, methodologies and requirements.
The beneficiaries are 62 women from the Bajo Lempa region that are organised in 24 communities. The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of these women. This aim will be achieved by establishing 30 home gardens and a corn mill. The women will also be trained to produce poultry and pigs. They will learn techniques to improve their productivity and generate more income.
The project will contribute to improve the food security for the women’s families. The self-confidence of the women will also increase, because they will be able to generate their own economic resources and to reduce their submission to men caused by economic dependence. The aim of the project is to also promote and help recognize women as producers who generate economic resources and help, therefore, eradicate the macho culture of El Salvador.

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