No. 382 WIADEP (Sierra Leone) – Arts and crafts

This project „Vocational Training for Marginalized and Disadvantage Women and Girls“ will be implemented in the western area of Sierra Leone over a period of 12 months, training 150 women and girls who are mostly sex workers and single mothers from four communities (Congo Town, Tengbeh Town, Water Street and Wilberforce community) in various technical, vocational and livelihood skills: foods and nutrition, cosmetology, tailoring and Arts and Crafts.
The initiative was conceived out of the burning desire to address serious challenges that women and children face as victims of Sierra Leone’s eleven years civil war which left behind thousands of women as war widows, single mothers, persons living with HIV/AIDs. Many women lack skills to make themselves employed in the midst of a very high rate of unemployment.
The partner organisation is Women in Action – a women led organization which was founded with the main aim to address the post war social ills. Their strategy is to enhance participatory engagement of the women with government, donor community and other relevant service providers in three strategic programs all implemented at the centre.

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